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Stimulate your mind and your heart at the World OutGames Miami Global Conference on Human Rights. The conference will open minds with the most powerful global gathering of internationally respected human rights activists, researchers, legal scholars and organizations.



26 May 2017 through 29 May 2017



Miami Beach Convention Center

The World OutGames Miami Global Conference on Human Rights is actively accepting abstracts for individuals interested in presenting during the 2017 conference.

To be considered for selection as a conference presenter, you must complete the following application. If you are submitting multiple topics for consideration, you must submit an application for each topic. The World OutGames Miami Global Conference on Human Rights will confirm and notify presenters within 10 business days of submission if they are selected to participate in the conference.

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Confirmed Sponsors for the Global LGBTQI Human Rights Conference:

The International Institute for Race, Equality and Human Rights

Race & Equality

Confirmed Partners for the Global LGBTQI Human Rights Conference:

ILGA- North America




The Aqua Foundation for Women


In order to explore Sponsorship or Partnership opportunities: please email:


  • Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz U.S. House of Representatives, FL (D-23) Country: FL/USA
  • Tamara Adrian Lawmaker at the National Assembly of Venezuela (2016-2021) Country: Venezuela
  • Nadine Smith Executive Director, Equality Florida Country: FL/USA

    Nadine Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Equality Florida the state's largest organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

    A former award-winning journalist turned organizer, Nadine was one of four national co-chairs of the 1993 March on Washington. She was part of the historic oval office meeting between then - President Clinton - the first such meeting between a sitting President and gay community leaders. She served on the founding board of the International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organization.

    She is a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Florida Advisory Committee, a Florida Chamber Foundation Trustee, and served on President Obama's National Finance Committee.  In 2013, she was named one of the the state's ""Most Powerful and Influential Women"" by the Florida Diversity Council. She was also given the League of Women Voter's Woman of Distinction Award in 2015.

    She lives in St. Petersburg with her wife Andrea and son Logan.

  • Mark Tewksbury Olympic Swimmer Country: Canada

    Mark Tewksbury is a recognized as a leader of social change. Author of three books, including Inside Out:  Straight Talk from a Gay Jock, Tewksbury is one of the few openly gay Olympic champions in the world. Not someone afraid to speak out, Mark co-founded OATH with other leading athletes and advocates to take a difficult but necessary step to hold the International Olympic Committee accountable to its own ideals.

    In 2006, Mark was the president of the first World Outgames held in Montreal, and was recognized as one of OUT Magazine’s top 100 people. In 2007, he was named by Foundation Emergence as the person of the year for his fight against homophobia, and in 2008, he was asked by the Government of France to speak on LGBT issues at the United Nations in NYC. He was also an ambassador for the historic Pride House at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 2010, ensuring the LGBT community had a presence for the first time at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Most recently, Mark lent his Olympic gold medal to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights to be displayed as part of the “2015 Year of Sport” exhibit. 

    For his ethical leadership and active humanitarianism, Mark has received Honorary Doctorate of Laws degrees from the University of Western Ontario, and the University of Calgary.   Mark is currently the Vice Chair of Special Olympics Canada and resides in Calgary, AB. 

  • Amini Fonua Olympic Swimmer Country: Tonga
  • Cyd Zeiglar Commentator and Author Country: CA/USA
  • Chris Mosier Athlete and Transgender Activist Country: IL/USA
  • Deondre Moore HIV and LGBTQ Youth Activist Country: TX/USA

    Deondre is currently a senior at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, obtaining his bachelors of Business Administration with my major in Human Resource management. On April 21, 2014 at the age of nineteen, he was diagnosed with HIV on his college campus. After his diagnosis, he decided that he would dedicate most of my time to help his community and peers to get the necessary education on HIV and prevention.

    Deondre became an official Greater Than AIDS ambassador after joining their SpeakOut Campaign in 2015. Since then, he has used this platform to do outreach not only in his community or across the state of Texas but as well as across the nation. Due to his hard work The Kaiser Family Foundation and Greater Than AIDS recently selected him out of the seventy ambassadors across the nation to become a part of the SpeakOut advisory committee.  In July of 2015 & 2016 Deondre was selected to become a part of the National Minority AIDS Council's Youth initiative as a Youth Leader. Youth leaders play a key role in the United States Conference on AIDS, and Deondre helped lead their 60 second challenge campaign. Which promotes the 60 second rapid HIV test.

    In 2016, Deondre became one of the official spokesperson for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, by way of their “Positively Fearless” Campaign. Which is a campaign that celebrates and promotes Black Gay men, living their lives out and proud of who they are, even when faced with being HIV positive. Due to his hard work in the community, he had the privilege of spending the 2016 summer in Washington D.C. as an intern for the Human Rights Campaign.  He has done seminars over HIV/AIDS education and prevention on various University campuses as well as leading HIV positive people in the proper direction to get the care they need.      

  • Surat Shaan Knan Interfaith Activist, Rainbow Pilgrims Country: UK
  • Alessandra Ramos Activist, Transrevolução Country: Brazil


  • Austin Bryan / Richard Lusimbo Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) Country: Uganda Title:Politicization of Homosexuality in Uganda: Scapegoating Sexual and Gender Minorities Track:Global Social Justice
  • Justin Klecha SAVE Country: USA/Miami Title:Prejudice Reduction Conversations to Decrease Anti-LGBT Prejudice: An Interactive Workshop on the Art and Science of Persuasion. Track:Global Social Justice
  • Carlos Quesada The International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights Country: US/Washington DC Title:Panel on the Human Rights situation of LGBTI people in Latin America Track:US Global Social Justice
  • Carlos Quesada The International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights Country: US/Washington DC Title:The Human Rights Situation of LGBTI people in Cuba Track:Global Social Justice
  • Edward Moala Country: Samoa Pacific Islands Title:To create a Global Interfaith LGBTIQ Network as a haven for LGBTIQ people of diverse faith, tradition and spirituality from Homophobia and Transphobia Track:Global Social Justice
  • Haven Herrin ILGA North America Country: US/Oregon Title:Fueling a Queer Religious Left at the Organization of American States Track:Global Social Justice
  • Marthe Djilo Kamga Belgium Country: Belgium Title:SIKILIZA, Mon corps te parle Se réapproprier nos images de femmes noires qui aiment d'autres femmes par des expressions artistiques et culturelles Track:Health and Wellness
  • YES Institute YES Institute Country: USA/Miami Title:Using Powerful Communication to Address Stereotyping, Verbal Bullying, and Microaggressions through Purposeful Dialogue and Community Building Track:Health & Wellness
  • Cecile Houry Florida International University Country: US Title:American Women and the Modern Summer Olympic Games: A Story of Obstacles and Struggles for Participation and Equality Track:Promoting Inclusivity in Sports
  • Nereida Perez Country: US/NC Title:Leveraging LGBT Employee Resource groups to Drive Employee Engagement Track:Global Human Rights
  • Evan Davidoff GPEL Country: US/NY Title:Protecting Progress While Creating Change: Empowering LGBTQ Emerging Global Leadership Track:Global Social Justice
  • Gregory Phillips Country: Australia Title:Unsettling Whiteness and Heteronormativity Track:Global Social Justice
  • Soulforce Country: US/Oregon Title:Trans and Intersex Theologies that Liberate u Track:Global Social Justice
  • Markus Thiel Country: US/Miami Title:Book presentation: Sexualities in World Politics: how LGBTQ claims shape International Relations Track:Politics
  • Mohammad Rofiqul Islam Royal Country: Bangladesh Title:Desire of a baby: Scenario of constraints to adapt a new family member by Hijra/Transgender mother in Bangladesh Track:NA
  • Nora Hegedüs Country: France Title:LE GENRE IDÉAL (Series of photographs) Track:Transgender Photo exhibit
  • Michael David dela Cruz Country: Phillipines Title:Golden ‘Agora’: Sex among older gay men in the Philipines Track: Health & Wellness (HIV, Disability, Sexuality, Body Politics, Human Trafficking)
  • Michael David dela Cruz Country: Phillipines Title:Sex Signals: Sexual practices of select Deaf men who have sex with men in the Philippines Track: Health & Wellness (HIV, Disability, Sexuality, Body Politics, Human Trafficking)
  • Apphia Kumar Country: US Title:Bisexual + Asylum: Then & Now Track:Global Social Justice
  • Danish Sheikh Country: India Title:Strategies to Combat Recriminalization of Homosexuality in India Track:Global Social Justice
  • Rosanna Flamer-Caldera Equal Ground Country: Sir Lanka Title:Decriminalisation of LGBTIQ in Sri Lanka – possible or impossible? Track:Global Social Justice
  • Shale Ahmed Country: Bangladesh Title:Engaging stakeholders in brining positive changes for LGBT population in Bangladesh: achievement towards impact Track:Global Social Justice
  • Alice Minor & N. Miskow Friborg Country: Denmark Title:Queered alternatives to Cisnormative and Heternormativestate Organized Health Care and Counseling Track:Health & Wellness
  • Luna Sharlotte and Humerez Aquino Country: Bolivia Title:LA LEY DE IDENTIDAD DE GENERO RECIEN APROBADA EN MI PAIS Track:Global Social Justice
  • Frank Evelio Arteaga FLores Country: Bolivia Title:Conociendo las necesidadas y vivencias de las personas adultas mayores de diversa orientacion sexual a identidad de genero Track:LGBTQI Inclusivity - Aging
  • Michael Roskey Research Program Specialist Country: US/California Title:Building a Coalition Against Neoliberalism Track:Global Social Justice
  • Dr. Ashley Austin Barry University Country: US/Miami Title:Humane and Inclusive Approaches to Health: Transgender Affirmative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth and Adu Track:Transgender
  • Sandile Ndelu and Seoketsi Mooketsi Country: South Africa Title:Queering the Revolution: From Rights Based Approach Toward the Decolonial Approach Track:Global Social Justice
  • Shawn Gaylord Global Advocacy, Human Rights First Country: US/Washington DC Title:Elevating and Advancing the Human Rights of LGBTQ People at World Sporting Events Track:LGBTQ Sports Inclusivity
  • Sylvia Deen The Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone Country: Sierra Leone Title:Empowering and Advancing the Rights of Transgender Individuals in Sierra Leone Track:Transgender
  • Candy Yun Country: Korea Title:Sports Participation of an Invisible Sexual Minority in Korean Society Track:LGBTQ Sports Inclusivity
  • Jochem Kaan COC Amsterdam Country: The Netherlands Title:Amsterdam Rainbow Dress: a monumental, evolving artwork traveling the world calling for LGBTQI Inclusivity Track:Social Justice- LGBTQI Criminalization
  • Edward Xuereb and Cathy Eccles Blue Cross Community and Residential Services Country: Australia Title:Proud to Be Me: An LGBTQI Initiative Track:LGBTQI Inclusivity- Aging
  • Ross Murray GLAAD Country: US/NY Title:Use Your Voice, Tell Your Story: Media Engagement to Accelerate Acceptance for the LGBTQ Community Track:Media
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police Country: Canada Title:Miscues and Miracles: the Journey of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police towards Fully Embracing the Public and Internal LGBTIQ Communities Track:Social Justice- LGBTQI Criminalization
  • Sanjay Sharma Country: Nepal Title:Fifteen Years of Walk on LGBT’s Health and Human Rights in Nepal: Community Capacity Matters the Most Track:Health & Wellness
  • Melhelm Mansour Country: UK/The Netherlands Title:Syrian LGBT refugees: Towards a New Global Policy for LGBT in Conflict Situation Track:Global Social Justice
  • Legal ActionAid Compound Country: Liberia Title:The Significance of Global Justice for LB Women and Girls in the Liberia Context Track:Global Social Justice
  • Lucas Paoli Itaborahy Country: Brazil Title:Enabling LGBTI people to step out of poverty Track:Global Social Justice
  • Oliver Anene Country: US/NJ Title:Articulating Our Identities: African Queer and Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) Communities in the USA Track:Transgender/Intersex/Gender Non Conforming
  • Yaz Mendez Nunez SoulForce Country: US/VA Title:Intersex and Trans Experiences in Sport Track:Transgender/Intersex/Gender Non Conforming
  • Tony Haddad Country: Israel Title:Puppet theatre as an LGBT mediator within childhood: the case of Palestinian children for religious mothers Track:Religion
  • Oabona Sepora Country: Botswana Title:Removing Legal Barriers for LGBTI persons to access HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care Services in Africa Track:Health & Wellness
  • Joseph Akoro Renfocap Centre Country: France Title:Training of Activists at the 2017 World OutGames France Track:Training
  • Eloundou Atamba Jules Charles Country: Cameroon Title:Les arrestations et détentions arbitraires des LGBT au Cameroun et l’impact sur leur intégration sociale Track:Social Justice- LGBTQI Criminalization
  • David Cruz ILGLaw, University of Southern California Gould School of Law Country: US/California Title:The Present and Future Prospects of Sexual Orientation and Gender identity Rights Under the Trump Administration Track:Social Justice- LGBTQI Criminalization
  • David Cruz ILGLaw, University of Southern California Gould School of Law Country: US/California Title:The DSM, the ICD, Gender and Objectivity Track:Health & Wellness
  • Jean-Daniel Ndikumana Country: Belgium Title:Challenges of LGBTQI Immigrants Belgium Track:Social Justice- LGBTQI Criminalization
  • Anthony Nyamogo Oluoch Country: Kenya Title:The Importance of the Inclusion of “Others” in LGBTI Activism: A Comparison with the Struggle against Apartheid in South Africa Track:Social Justice
  • Olubiyi Oludipe Improved Sexual Health and Rights Advocacy Initiative (ISHRAI) Country: Nigeria Title:State Sanctioned Violence: Impact on perceived or real sexual orientation and gender identity in Nigeria Track:Social Justice- LGBTQI Criminalization
  • Sylvia Acevedo Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services Country: US/Florida Title:Building Bridges – Working with LGBTQI Refugees & Survivors of Torture Track:Social Justice
  • Sayato Nakata & Maki Muraki Nijiiro Diversity Country: Japan Title:LGBT and Sports in Japan Track:Sports
  • Oabona Sepora Ditshwanelo -The Botswana Centre of Human Rights Country: Botswana Title:Removing Legal Barriers for LGBTI persons to access HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care Services in Africa Track:Health + Wellness
  • Lucas Paoli Itaborahy Micro Rainbow International Country: Brazil Title:Enabling LGBTI people to step out of poverty Track:Social Justice
  • Luigi Ferrer Pridelines Country: US/Florida Title:The South Florida Bisexual+ Network – a model for community health education and organizing Track:Social Justice

Promoting inclusivity in sports

LGB, Intersex, Trans & Women

Programming for this track will be annouced at a later date.

Health & Wellness

HIV, Disability, Sexuality, Body Politics & Human Trafficking

Global Social Justice

Labor/Trade Unions, Religion, LGBTI Criminalization & Workplace Issues